Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Yesterday I went to my orthodontist and I got my retainer. I am excited to have it because it will help my jaw, but its painful, makes my cheeks look weird and I can't talk very well. But that's only supposed to last the first couple days. I have to wear it all the time except when I am eating or brushing my teeth. Unfortunately, I don't know how I'm going to speak Spanish if I can't speak English, so class will definitely be interesting. :)

10 Things that make me joyful: (because I was tagged by Ana Liza)

1. First and foremost that Jesus died on the cross for me. If I had everything else in the world but wasn't going to heaven someday none of it would be worth it.

2. All my wonderful friends. Even though there are always going to be ups and downs, you guys are always there for me when I need to talk or when I need a hug. I've had so many friends, and I'm not as close to some of them as I wish I could be, but at the same time I don't know what I'd do without you people!

3. My family. They are the people who see me for who I really am and they love me for who I really am. My parents have made such a big impact in my life, and I know I wouldn't be who I am today if my brothers or sister were any different then they are. I may want to change my family sometimes, but in the end I know they are good for me!

4. Music is a big joy! I could sing and sing and sing!!! I am constantly listening to something, even if its just playing in the background of my room. There are so many different types of music, but I don't even think I have a favorite, little bit of everything is the best way to go! ;)

5. What can I say except I love swimming! There's a certain joy in completing a set, in dropping time or even finally getting the hang of the stroke. Even when it gets hard and I'm sore, or depressing because my progress is slow, a smile from Therese makes me know she think I can do it. That makes me so happy! :)

6. I have had some awesome opportunities to travel!!! I went to Hong Kong and China for 11 weeks when I was twelve. I just recently traveled to London and Paris with my Grandma for a vacation. And then there are all the trips we took to Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., Florida, the Caribbean and to Grandma's. I love to travel, even riding in the car is fun especially when you are with people you love! :)

7. And kinda to go along with that, being homeschooled! I have had so much more flexibility to do things like travel because my parents decided to homeschool me. People always ask me if I want to go to school, and truthfully it might be interesting, but in the end I would always want to come home. And its not just for things like doing school in my pajamas or sleeping late, its being able to be taught by someone who loves me, and being able to believe what I believe and incorporate it in my school.

8. Living in my house. I have lived here my whole life that I can remember. Our neighborhood has always been so welcoming and friendly. It has been special to be close to the Johnstons and the Pulliams but most importantly the church. Sunday morning we can see people drive by our house and on Monday's we see James running by. I have so many memories of hide and seek and bloody murder. Our house has so much character and it's really become our home. I can't ever imagine moving.

9. Rainy Days like today! Even though they can be depressing they also show the awesomeness of God like nothing else does. I love curling up with a book an a cup of coffee - just seems like perfect example. I guess its a comfort thing.

10. Sleep. Here's the cold hard truth: if I never had any sleep I would never ever be joyful. Waking up after getting a good night's sleep is so refreshing and going to bed after long days feels so wonderful. My pillow is my best non-living friend. :)

I tag: Alyssa, Alissa, Beth, Bekah, Sara and Tamera.

Quote of the post:
"A joy that's shared is a joy made double." -English Proverb


SaraY said...

Hey Ellie, I'll do that sometime! Maybe right now. Maybe not. I just got done doing some really confusing homework with two girls in my class....we all agree that we could not have done it alone. With three of us chances are one of us will know how to do each problem, but none of us knows how to do all of them! So yes, friends belongs on the list most definately!!

Nathaniel said...

Surely your Spanish teacher would be willing to make some sort of allowance?

Ellie said...

Nathaniel - I think my Spanish teach probably would, though i think he would want me to try as hard as I could anyway. :)

Charity said...

I really need to do that, too. It was really fun talking to you yesterday for so long!! I hope to see you soon! Love you, Ellie!

Maria said...

when i first got my retainer, i sounded really funny, and my family would make fun of me all the time. My orthodontist told me to wear it even when i eat, and it was sooooooo hard to eat with it in. Hope to see you this weekend!

bek said...

I did it!... SO glad to have never gotten braces or a retainer... Remember its gunna be a party on Sunday;)

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