Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Swimming News:

Yesterday I got my swim team letter. I am on the Gold team as before and Steffi Pok -some of you people know her - is on Sliver! I am really excited for this semester to start as we now have morning practices Monday - Friday. Though I am not a morning person, I will make myself get up at 5:00 am to be there at 5:15. (Actually I might have to get up even earlier. :)
I might still be able to do the afternoon practices on Monday, but if they end up having soccer for the high-schoolers, I might do that too. But I'm going to do the Rivi swim meets, and I'm not so excited for that. My whole swimming career I've gotten in the water and started, but now you have to dive off the block! Exciting! Not!!!! So I get to work on dives.
Anyway today I was working on my world view and found this quote that I wanted to post:
The Gospel is not a set of swimming instructions to a drowning person. It is the God-man jumping in and rescuing a drowning person.


Anna said...

Wow you are doing a lot of swimming!! I wish I could do that much, but I gotta do tennis and basketball. 5 am?? That's crazy. :) I gasp if I have to go somewhere at 9!!

Jessica said...

I am not a morning person either [as Ellie knows ;)] but Im thinking about maybe going to the Rivi tomorrow (Monday) morning cuz its the first day of the indoor pool. Maybe I'll cya, Ellie?

Jessica said...

Hey! Well, i actually didn't get up and do it... But i have been swimming after dinner alot!