Friday, July 16, 2004

Swim Meet tomorrow!

Gus has another swim meet tomarrow. The one problem is that most of our older swimmers are in a triathlon (sp) and so they can't come. :( Though I really don't think we'd loose without them, considering we have the bigest team and all of our swimmers are pretty good. And then when all the 2nd trip ECHO people were gone and we had a meet we still beat the team in 2nd by like 200 points. So you get the point. 
Mrs. Edwards anounced that not everyone would be getting to swim 5 events. She said that before we were dominating all the other teams she would ask everyone to, but now it gets more confusing if everyone swims 5 events, and though I am perfectly fine with that. I have no idea what events she'll cut of mine. 
And actually Mrs. Edwards won't even be there tomarrow. Solomon just got dropped off here to spend the night, cause I guess he really wanted to go to the swim meet or something. And Elijah has the triathlon so he has to stay but the rest of the family is going to Michigan.
And another thing, we have a church luncheon this Sunday. Which might totally ruin my plan to watch Olympic Swimming. So I don't know what's happening with that right now, but I'll figure it out before Sunday. :)
"When it doubt, faint" - Kiera Knightly

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Anna said...

Ohhh yea the Church Luncheon. What are we going to do?