Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I have been so busy this week.
I feel like I'm almost always at the pool, which in some ways is nice and someways in really anoying. And because most of the time I'm swimming it can get quite boring. But if you read my blog, which actually I haven't told anyone I have one yet, you don't want to hear about how boring my life is, but about the exciting parts.
On the 3, church is have a 4th of July get-together fellowship thingy at the Owens Farm. My family is camping out over night the 2nd, which I am so very not excited, because when ever my family goes camping.... it ends up not being so very fun. :( I think you get the point?
And I need to go,

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Anna said...

Well, at least we were there and it was fun!:) (hehe you told me at the pool)