Sunday, June 27, 2004

Blogs I read.

I read so many different peoples blogs:
Allen's - http://
Charity's - http://
Anna's - http://
Lukee's - http://
Becca's - http://
Shannon's - http://
Jerimiah's - http://
Ashley's - http://
David's - http://
Amber's - http://
Josh Bright's - http://
Sarah's - http://
Actually not as many as Daivid does, but still. This might not be all of them, but if I forgot someone I will remember and post them later.
Anyway, Allen's party was soooooo much fun. :)I swam though it was freezing and Zachary and I were having somesort of weird conversation about dunking people, so then he dunked me and after that I got out. :) I rode with Alissa and I was going to ride back to her house and my mom would pick me up there, but when I called my mom to tell her that we were leaving the Blackwood's house she told me I was spending the night at Alissa's I looked at Alissa and said "I am" and then she said "You are" It was quite funny. :) So we ended up staying up till like 1:30 - 2:00.
Then last night I went to Conner prairie for the symphony on the prairie because Zachary and Allen were working and they got free tickets. Anyway Becca, Hayley and I kept messing with Allen's phone, by like taking tons of pictures with it of us. It was tons of fun and we ate tons of junk food and afterwards played on the playground which was really fun since all of us are way over 12 (especially Allen) and we were going to go to steak and shake but Laura who was my ride home, said no that we couldn't go so we didn't.
Anyway sorry this is so long,

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