Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've known I needed to update since Covie, but actually sitting down and writing something worthwhile to read has been really hard. I have a lot that probably needs to be said, however, I can't make it come out the way its in my head.

What does saying you're sorry mean to you?

To me, sorry had always been close enough, but not the same as asking for forgiveness. Its like regretting something and having a sense of loss over whatever happened. In the past I've been told that I say I'm sorry too much, almost that it looses its real meaning because I just throw it around. There have been times when I've asked for and been given forgiveness about something, but the person still hasn't truly forgiven me and I find myself just saying that I'm sorry again and again. I want to just say that when I say I'm sorry, I truly - with all my heart - mean it.

Quote of the post:
"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same." -Unknown


Alyssa said...

Love the quote!

ben? said...

Yeah, sorry is something I thro around.

Hope Covi was fun. Jamey told me all about it.


Mariaj said...

That is a really GREAT post! It is true saying I'm sorry isn't the same as asking for forgivness. Whenever we were little and we would say that we were sorry, my parents would always make us say we forgive them. I think that not asking forgivness means you aren't truly sorry enough to turn from what you had done wrong.

Charity said...

I'll comment more later... my mom just called me. :-/ love you!

Charity said...

Annnyway... I've always been taught that "I'm sorry" isn't enough if you are trying to ask forgiveness. So, if you're apoligizing and seeking someone's forgiveness, I think you should say "Please forgive me." I've actually gotten 'yelled at' for saying, "I forgive you" to people when they haven't asked for my forgiveness. I guess it's not very good to throw around those kinds of phrases. I think God takes forgiveness seriously, and He wants us to, as well.

So, that's my "two cents". :-) I love that quote. I have a similar one in my quote book.

Hey, I finally updated my blog again. I'm going to try to change my template sometime, so check it out. Love you, and thanks for calling today!