Monday, January 16, 2006


For the record - I love the song "lonely" by Akon, but because (thanks to Abby) I finally figured out how to do free webhosting I wanted to put the song that Ruth and Zachary wrote on here. I have to experiment with recording singing with it - if anyone has any suggestions on how to do that I am very willing to listen. Anyway here is piano version - and I'll just post the lyrics too. Luv you all... :)

Tell me why
Why are you going
Why are you leaving
I need to know why
You need to tell me
Why won't you call me
Why don't you care anymore
I need to know why to live
I need to know why should I give you my love
Or should I take it away

Tell me why
Why are you here again
Why are you begging me to come back to you
Why when I find someone new
Do you break my heart again
I need to why to live
I need to why I should give you my love
When you took yours away

We used to be together
But you found someone new
and now she's tired of you
So now you're here again
but this time I've got someone else
I broke your heart today

So why am I sorry for you
Why am I crying
Why am I coming back
Now I know why
Now I know why I should give you my love
when you took yours away
I love you
its cause I love you

btw... my b-day is saturday!!! :)

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Charity said...

Reading the lyrics and listening to the music almost makes me cry. Seriously. Ruth and Zachary did a great job with it. Now all you have to do it sing it and record that! :-D