Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Swiminator

Cover: Michael Phelps's quest for Olympic gold
Everybody needs to read this article!
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And guess what my parents might let me have a party to celebrate the Olympics and everybody can come over and we can watch TV, play games and eat! If you think this is a good idea, please comment cause then my parents might be more likely to let me! :)
Also, I am sooooooooooooooooo excited for school to start! (for once) Usually I'm not excited, but I'm taking Biology and we have the coolest class! :) Plus we have Alaina as our teacher which should make it even more cool! My only issue with Biology is that I won't be good with the dissections (sp), I've gotten sick and fainted before in that kind of situation, so I kinda need a lab partner who doesn't mind that kind of stuff!
ATTENTION THURSDAY CLASS PEOPLE: the final word on the state fair is that we're meeting at 2:00 pm on Tuesday August 17th inside of Edy's Grand Hall! I hope all you guys can come! It should be tons of fun! :)
And I only have one more thing to say : Josh's Concert is on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

[this is Sara...forgot my password oh well!]
Your mom was already telling me about this Olympics party you're having, so I think she has already decided to let you have it. Lemme know when!
Alaina is a fun teacher, and you will not faint at dissections. It's gross but you get used to it.

Anna said...

Ohh, I've gotten really dizzy during a dissection because it was a frog and frogs have a smell that make some people dizzy and it was really bad. Oh I hope you can do the party!